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ERP / Supply Chain Management Software
RVTG offers ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) / SCM (Supply Chain Management) software under the Command Line Corp. (CLC) brand name. Internet / Intranet capable, the highly customized comprehensive and powerful CLC software systems address business applications where a canned "off-the-shelf" package does not meet customer needs.

Since the first generation of the software was offered in 1985, CLC software has been a recognized high quality solution for multiple industries. CLC systems have thousands of users in a wide variety of locations, including multiple divisions of Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions with thousands of employees, as well as smaller companies with as few as 75 or 100 people.

CLC-PM4 is a customized multi-user, multi-site paperless procurement system for supply chain management with purchase orders and receiving. Optional modules include requisitions, inventory management, RFQ, supplier performance, budgeting, A/P invoice processing/matching, asset/equipment tracking, e-commerce and manufacturing.

CLC-PM4 provides extensive histories of interactive transactions by item, supplier, purchase order and receiver. As the customer, you define the inventory, purchasing and supplier and item master databases. This supply chain management system creates POs automatically or semi-automatically for repetitively ordered or one-time only items accommodating multi-site delivery points, different due dates, quantities, and prices. You can convert purchasing requisitions and RFQs automatically to POs and link electronic approvals to budget or departmental authority, with automatic routing. The system also accommodates advance payments, credits, freight charges, taxes, ERS (pay on receipt), accounting interfaces, bar coding and MRP/ERP. Included in the fixed price quotation is customization to your specifications. You can operate your business way, not the software way.

CLC-MRP is a multi-user, MRP/ERP manufacturing management software system, designed for discrete operations with purchased items and subassemblies inventory control, bills of material and manufacturing management. Optional modules include sales quotations and order entry, finished products control, forecasting, job costing, routers and standard manufacturing procedures, work orders and work order tracking, engineering change notice processing, serialized tracking of finished products and major subassemblies against bills of material.

In addition to the modules of CLC-PM4 (described above), the system provides for complete bill of material management including labor, tooling and information items, if desired, as well as incoming materials quality control. The cascade bill eliminates the need for duplicate entry of subassemblies because the full B/M tree is automatically assembled from its component parts. The Total Requirements Planning System dynamically maintains material requirements for all jobs in house. Purchasing against requirements as well as inventory minimums is extremely fast because the system provides a fully automated reorder queue.