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System Integration

The SCM and ERP software is rarely installed as a stand-alone package. Many of our clients exchange data between CLC and other software systems, such as accounting, suppliers and other commercial partners, process control, etc. RVTG's implementation team works with its clients to make the link between CLC software and their other systems as automatic and transparent as possible.

Data Analysis and Conversion

For companies that plan to transfer data from an existing system to CLC software, RVTG can help analyze the data and create conversion tables for a smooth migration. If the data needs wholesale changes or if a manual system is being replaced, and if the company does not have the human resources with the desired expertise to devote to the project, RVTG can provide this service. The company has considerable experience with user-defined formatted files or standardized electronic formatted files (EDI, XML, etc.). Data entry services are also available at a reasonable hourly rate.

Training and Implementation

For our software customers, on-site training and implementation is included at no additional cost if the client is located within a three hour driving radius of Edison, New Jersey. Minor changes and small enhancements are typically installed by modem or TCP/IP connection from RVTG's office. For more remote locations, training, additional assistance, custom programming and consulting services are available at an hourly rate plus travel and per diem.


For our software customers, RVTG provides telephone hotline support, file repair and restoration services, telephone services, system administration assistance, and telephone training under a number of Service Agreements, tailored to the specific client's requirements. Maintenance is performed weekdays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Our staff is available, however, 24/7 on an on-call basis. (Special arrangements for assistance outside normal business hours can be provided to accommodate client work schedules.)

Consulting Services

In addition to supplying the comprehensive and powerful Command Line Corp. (CLC) software, RVTG's staff offers consulting support for companies who seek to improve and control their operations in inventory control, purchasing, requisitioning, receiving, and manufacturing. RVTG has expertise in the use of bar coding capability and e-commerce, fixed asset tracking, budgeting, sales order entry, as well as business-to-business maritime operations. Our consulting and implementation group has worked in all settings, from small businesses with little or no computerization to large corporations with highly structured IT departments. Our experience in software development and implementation, as well as direct professional line experience in these areas, means that consulting recommendations are both practical and technically possible.

Process redesign and improvement

In the case that a company's supply chain, manufacturing, or distribution operations are structured around a system it is trying to replace, or are geared toward a way of doing business that no longer fits current needs, RVTG's consulting team can help the company define its needs, identify specific areas to be addressed, and make recommendations for change. Smaller scale changes such as ERS (evaluated receipts settlement), procurement cards, summary invoicing, stockless office supply, inventory policy, and other improvements including use of e-commerce can offer nearly immediate payback for the investment in time and effort.

Profit Center Analysis

For technology providers who are looking to improve the profit margin on their services, RVTG provides on-site consulting for business operations.